Winter Foods For Weight Loss

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There’s no reason you can’t emerge from the winter season looking fit and ready to rock your skinny jeans. Sure, there are lots of creamy soups, cookies, casseroles, and Netflix marathons, but at the same time, there are tons of seasonal super foods high in the right nutrients to help you lose weight.

Chicken Soup: Soups have a large volume, which means they are extremely satiating. And despite the fact that liquids can be less satisfying than solid foods, research has found that hot soups, like chicken, are the exception.

Carrots: Carrots are packed with fiber which takes time to break down and digest, keeping you full for long. If you feel satiated, you will naturally binge less. Carrots are also low in calories and non-starchy in nature.

Cinnamon: This wonder spice can help you lose a pound or two. Cinnamon helps rev-up your metabolism naturally. According to a study published, cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon stimulates metabolism of the fatty visceral tissue and speeds up weight loss.

Sweet Potato: They pack filling fiber and immune-boosting vitamins. They’re also far lower on the glycemic index scale than white potatoes, meaning they won’t spike your blood sugar as drastically, which can lead to fewer carbohydrate cravings later on.

Spinach: It can help speed up the weight loss process and make it easier for you to shed extra pounds. All you need to do is add just one cup of spinach in your daily meals to get rid of body fat. Spinach is rich in insoluble fiber which is the key element aiding in weight loss.

These foods are packed with all essential nutrients required for a sustainable weight loss. And the best part is that these foods are readily available in the market, hence you an easily sneak them in your daily diet.

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