Contour Light: the body sculpting program that requires no surgery

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Body Sculpting Process

Body Sculpting in NJ has never been safer, more gratifying, and more true to yourself

Contour Light is an innovative technology that uses infrared light to reduce those extra inches that seem impossible to lose. It requires no surgery, it’s painless, and it has no downtime. With the help of Contour Light, you can take a step toward a healthier, slimmer version of yourself, and the results are natural-looking!

The endless benefits of our Contour Light Body Contouring in New Jersey


It’s FDA cleared for circumferential reduction (inch-loss)


Its focalized light will define those parts of your body that tend to accumulate more fatty tissue and are hard to tone up at the gym.

It’s meant for long-term results, so you can lose those unwanted inches and keep them off.

It has no down time and it’s painless!

How does it work?

Contour Light is an FDA-cleared professional-grade device that utilizes 880nm infrared lights, and it incorporates a reflective surface that traps and redirects light energy back into the tissue. It is backed by an IRB-approved clinical study where patients experienced an average loss of 2.49″ per session.Β 
Red Light Therapy

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Lose at least 2 inches in just the first session. The first session consists of consult and measurements. Your trial treatment session will be scheduled for another day after consultation and includes the face mask and vibration plate add-ons.Β 

*First-time customers only.

contouring before and after

It’s meant for you

Contour Light is perfect for you who want to enhance the results you worked so hard for at the gym. Contour Light is tailored for your body, and it’s a perfect method for body contouring in New Jersey! **

**individual results vary from person to person

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