Weight Loss Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Thanks Giving Day

Food and family are two of life’s greatest pleasures. But for some of us, thanksgiving can be too much of a good thing on both fronts. You may not be able to contain your outspoken cousin, but you can control what goes on the table and in your body. We recognize that the holiday season can be difficult for people who struggle with food and maintaining a healthy body weight. We’re here to help! Here are our top tips for surviving Thanksgiving.

Ditch the potatoes: What really makes mashed potatoes tasty is the butter and cream that you whip them with! Try mashed cauliflower instead. It’s delicious without adding all the extra calories.

No flour in gravy: Flour is used to thicken traditional turkey gravy, but it doesn’t add a ton of flavor. Try cooking down a low sodium chicken or turkey stock for a more flavorful gravy.

Add roasted Brussels sprouts: Those mushy green beans covered in creamed soup aren’t that appetizing and they’re filled with tons of salt, MSG, and deep fried onions. This healthy swap for Brussels sprouts is a fresh dairy-free option that everyone at the table can enjoy. These roasted Brussels sprouts are light, clean, and have a nice nutty flavor.

Skip the skin: Eating the skin can double the fat content of your meat, and significantly increase calories. Remember, light meat has fewer calories.

Halve the butter in every recipe: Many recipes go overboard with butter. Use half the butter, taste as you go and add more only if needed. Coat the pan with cooking spray instead of butter and you can easily trim the fat in your baked dishes.

Skip sausage in stuffing: The combination of rich stock, bread and butter will make your stuffing taste amazing. There is no need to add sausage or other meat fillings. You can use fresh or dried herbs to add more flavor.

Make your own cranberry sauce: Who knew making real cranberry sauce was such a snap. Homemade sauce will have much less sugar than the store bought sauce. Cranberries are packed full of antioxidants, so it’s a great choice to go with any meal.

Many Americans consume an additional 2,500 calories on Thanksgiving based on food alone. That doesn’t even include a glass of wine! Every dish should bring you joy, not stress or guilt. After all, a feast like this comes along only once per year. So keep these tips in mind this year. We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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