Tips For Healthy & Smart Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is one chore that everyone has to do at some point, but not many people enjoy it. It can feel like there are so many choices, yet not enough time to choose healthy items that don’t cost a fortune or create enough meals to get you through the week. 

Fortunately this does not have to be this way. Here’s how to make the most out of your trip to the grocery store so you end up with more nutritious food, less stress and money left over.

Go with a plan: Plan menus and make your list ahead of time to stay focused as you shop and avoid purchasing less-healthy items you don’t need. This will help you eat smart AND stick to your budget. 

Don’t shop on an empty stomach: This can lead to impulsive purchases out of hunger.

Choose wisely: When buying canned fish, chicken or lean meat, look for items packaged in water instead of oil, and labeled with no salt added or lower sodium. 

Read the labels: Even products that claim to be “all organic” or “natural” can still be loaded with hidden fats, sugar, sodium, or calories. Learning how to read and understand nutrition labels will help you pick foods that are good for you and your family.

Pick up seasonal produce: Fruits and vegetables that are in season are usually more nutritious, abundant, tasty and inexpensive than those that are out of season – making them a great choice all around.

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