Reasons Why People Give Up On Their Weight Loss Goals

No matter who you are, dieting is an invariably difficult process. Even the most dedicated, strong-willed person can fall into one of many pitfalls. Losing those extra pounds is not nearly as easy as putting them on. Whether you have 5 or 105 pounds to lose, here are the top reasons most people give up their weight-loss goals.

Unrealistic expectations: People expect to see a drastic difference in a short amount of time. They spend a week eating better and exercising and expect to be able to fit into smaller jeans.

Become exhausted from undernourishment and excessive exercise: When someone sets out to lose weight, they stop eating and start exercising without giving it a second thought on how that would affect the body. Eating less can relate to you being undernourished and that causes you to drain out quickly. And when you add on exercise, you are bound to be exhausted.

No support system: Not having moral support is another big reason why people can’t stick to their weight loss goals. If your spouse/friend is stuffing their face with fried chicken and pasta, it’s hard not to grab a small plate of what they’re eating. No support also causes people to have no one to check in with. 

Looking at changes as temporary: Making temporary changes is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. They think of their diet as a temporary change while they lose weight instead of making it a lifestyle change.

Setting weight loss as the ultimate goal: Yes, seeing the weight go down on the scale gives you a sense of victory but that is not the only factor people should focus on. There are plenty of non scale victories that they ignore in the process. 

We here at Inspire Weight Loss Nutley can help you from giving up on your weight loss goals. 

We teach you how to eat and nourish your body without setting unrealistic goals. And help you to lose weight while teaching you how to keep it off.

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