How To Recover from Halloween Sugar Binge

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The season of indulging is upon us, which means that covering up in bulky sweaters and sweatpants make us think it’s a little more acceptable to go for that second handful of Halloween treats. For many people, Halloween indulgences “wake up” their sugar cravings. Even if you’re fairly disciplined with your sugar intake most of the year, Halloween can be the beginning of a downward slide into holiday sweet-treat overeating.

If you are one of those that ate their weight in candy, then don’t fear; here are some tips to help you recover while setting you back on the healthy track. One binge doesn’t have to turn into a long term sugary addiction.

Drink plenty of water: Keeping yourself well hydrated will help your body naturally flush some of the sugar out of the system.

Exercise: It doesn’t have to be hardcore activity. Just move around or take a walk to help you burn energy faster. It will get the blood pumping and everything going again.

Don’t punish yourself: Don’t even go near that scale! And don’t jump on some sort of restrictive detox diet.

Eat: Remember, your body needs to recover so eat when you’re hungry. Choose protein rich, high fiber and hearty vegetables. Stay away from starchy and high fat foods.

No leftovers: Get the extra candy out of the house ASAP!

Halloween and the subsequent sweets from heavy holidays don’t have to be the death of your healthy lifestyle. If you overindulge, recover! And prepare ahead of time for the next round of sugary temptations. Finish your healthy year strong!

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