Handling Social Events While Managing Weight

While we greatly enjoy being an active participant of our social groups, it can be quite challenging to maintain your waistline with all the delicious temptations that come with many social gatherings. So how do we enjoy these outings without getting anxious and putting pressure on ourselves around food? Here are some tips to help you out.

Don’t show up hungry: Eat your planned meal before your social event. People usually eat less before events thinking they’re offsetting extra calories at the party. This is a big mistake. Showing up hungry is a recipe for disaster. You’ll eat far fewer calories if you eat a healthy meal before arriving.

Dread the bread: The worst of the belly inflating carbohydrates are found in the tempting basket of breads. Breads, especially the non-whole grain ones, tend to contribute to insulin resistance and hence weight gain. 

One portion is enough: Practice portion control by filling up your plate only once. Grab a bit of each delicacy you want to enjoy & satisfy your taste buds. Try and eyeball the correct portion for yourself.

Take your time: Eating slowly is a great way to trick your brain and your body. It takes your brain about 20 minutes to realize that you have eaten and to feel full, so the slower you eat, the less you will end up eating at the party. 

Refocus the purpose: Change your mindset towards a party. You are no longer a child who would think of a party as a golden opportunity to have all sinful foods & drinks. Shift your priority to socializing. Eating in moderation is fine, but don’t let the party-food become the focus of all your attention. Focus on the people instead, not the food.

With any goal, there will be times where changes need to be made in order to reach said goal. We recommend finding a balance somewhere between complete restriction and overindulgence. 

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