Stay Healthy This Christmas Season

With non-stop parties, gift shopping, and traveling, the holidays can be a trying time for many of us. And when you are trying to stay on a relatively healthy track, the season can definitely bring on its share of challenges. Tempting seasonal sweets and little time for workouts will test your willpower and motivation. However, sticking to your weight loss and health goals doesn’t have to be challenging. 

Don’t skip breakfast: Skipping meals can lead to you making unhealthy choices and overeating at a later meal. Add wholesome breakfast so that you are not starving yourself.

Indulge with intention: Instead of mindless munching, take the time to savor those special snacks you only enjoy this time of year. Divide delicious dishes into portion sizes you want to consume in one sitting, and save the rest for later. This will allow you to slow down and enjoy your favorite treat over a few days rather than finishing it all at once.

Don’t overdo the drinks: Maintaining your health over the holidays doesn’t mean you have to abstain from your favorite boozy beverages. As long as you eat, drink and be merry in moderation, you’ll stay on track with your goals. Alternate every alcoholic drink with a glass of water to slow down your consumption and help prevent dehydration.

Make healthier choices: Buffets can be a disaster zone, so make sure to fill half the plate with salad and vegetables, and the rest with protein based foods. Take your time in selecting and eating the food and move away from the table as soon as your plate is full so that you avoid non-stop grazing. 

Get right back on track: After a big night out don’t skip meals, even if you have over-indulged. You still need energy the following day. After all, it’s the balance of your meals that’s important. 

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